Austin based freelancer, dedicated to bringing games to life and a specialist when it comes to fantasy and science fiction Illustration. I am available for commission and always on the look out for exciting new projects.

For all job inquiries please contact me at: ggriffinart@gmail.com



Grand Prize Winner: Ubisoft Assassins Creed III Contest

Kotaku:  2015 Fine Art Feature

Games-Workshop: Illustrator “Warhammer/Warhammer 40k”

Brian Graden Media: Illustrator YouTubeRed “Escape The Night”

Scholastic Publishers: Cover Illustrator “Ultimate Explorer Series”

becker&mayer: Cover Illustrator “unreleased series”

Privateer Press: Illustrator “Hordes”

Sideshow Collectibles: Illustrator “Court of the Dead”

The Failed Superheroes Club: Illustrator “unannounced IP”

MonteCook Games: Illustrator “Numenera-Into the Deep”

Desert Owl Games: Illustrator “Pox Nora”

Hex Entertainment: “Hex: Shards of Fate”

White Wizard Games: Illustrator “Epic TCG”

S2 Games:  Illustrator “Heroes of Newerth”

DeNA:  Illustrator “Hellfire: The Summoning”

Centipede Press:  Illustrator “Night Winds cover” and “Swords in the Mist cover”

Iron Helmet Games:  Character Designer and Illustrator

Pinnacle Entertainment Group:  Illustrator “Dead Lands”

Mantic Games:  Character Designer “DEADZONE”

Dire Wolf Digital:  Illustrator “unannounced IP”

Freshly Pressed Printing:  Illustrator and designer












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